The NRFS or Nutrient Removing Filtration System is an engineered treatment vault for reduction of nutrients in storm water. Its orifice flow control maximizes contact time with the supplied Bold & Gold® media to remove nitrogen, phosphorus and TSS prior to discharge. The optional addition of the SkimBoss® MAX allows the NRFS to fully leverage Hydro-Variant Technology®, maximizing detention time and removal potential. The NRFS is ideal for pretreatment of rainwater prior to harvesting, LID, water quality improvement or post treatment following detention.




  • Low maintenance: media removal not required for servicing
  • Retrofits existing watersheds
  • No organics to degrade and lose treatment capability
  • Easy vacuum truck servicing
  • Includes Bold & Gold biosorption activated filtration media
  • Removes phosphorus, nitrogen, metals & TSS
  • High flow rates: media does not clog
  • No prefilters required

NRFS removal efficiencies up to:*

  • 75% Nitrogen
  • 95% Phosphorous
  • 95% TSS

*Varies based on sizing & site conditions

LEED Credit Eligible:

4.1 ; 4.2     Materials & Resources Recycled Content

6.2             Storm Water Design / Quality Control

Operation Summary

  • The NRFS functions without the use of prefilters affording a more cost effective and efficient solution. Bold & Gold biosorption media accommodates high flow rates and resists clogging.
  • Storm water enters the NRFS and is directed underneath the media bed where it then flows upward through the Bold & Gold media.
  • Vault sizing criteria enables optimal water contact time with the media for maximum removal efficiency of storm water pollutants.


The NRFS removes both solids and dissolved contaminates for water quality improvement projects. Equipped with the innovative HydroSlide system and supplied exclusively with Bold & Gold biosorption activated media, maintenance, debris and nutrient removal is easy and efficient without the need for confined space entry. High phosphorus and nitrogen levels can compromise ecosystem integrity and human health. Bold & Gold media is an ideal media for pretreatment prior to rainwater harvesting or post treatment following detention prior to discharge.

Applications Include:

  • Water Quality Improvement
  • Pretreatment Prior to Rainwater Harvesting & Reuse
  • Low-Impact Development
  • Agricultural Runoff Nutrient Reduction
  • Treatment Post Detention Areas
  • Retrofits


About Bold & Gold Media
Bold & Gold is a Biosorption Activated Media (BAM) used for pollution control to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus levels in storm water. Bold and Gold creates sorbent surface bonds to establish a media nutrient cycle that actively captures and consumes nutrients, while promoting denitrification. High levels of phosphorus and nitrogen can compromise ecosystem integrity and human health. Bold & Gold Media is an ideal media for pre-treatment prior to rainwater harvesting or post treatment following detention prior to discharge into receiving waters.


  • Variety of sizes and blends available
  • Economical and lower cost than other media
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Sustainable: Long lifespan
  • High surface area: High media contact time
  • No biological toxic effects
  • Physical filtration for removal of solids
  • Sorbent surface bonding for the capture of dissolved nutrients and pollutants
  • Biological activity including nutrient based capture, consumption and denitrification

Bold & Gold successfully removes:

  • Up to 95% Total Phosphorous
  • Up to 75% Total Nitrogen
  • Up to 95% Total Suspended Solids

Nitrogen & Phosphorous Credits
Use Bold & Gold in BMPs for phosphorous and nitrogen reduction credits in the following programs:

  • ERP (Environmental Resource Permit)
  • TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load)
  • MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System)
  • BMAP (Basin Management Action Plans)
  • Net Improvement

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