The Nutrient Separating Baffle Box (NSBB) is an advanced vault treatment system for storm water runoff. Its patented screen system is designed to capture and store debris in a dry state to minimize nutrient leaching and allow for easy servicing. The NSBB’s triple chamber design affords high TSS removal over a wide range of particle sizes, while patented deflectors ensure no sediment scouring occurs during high flows. This allows for on-line installation without the need for separate diversion structures. The NSBB is a widely accepted storm water treatment BMP among developers, civil engineers and municipalities nationwide.




  • Retrofits existing watersheds
  • Patented screens maximize storage and prevent debris loss
  • Easy vacuum truck servicing
  • Dry state storage separates debris and trash from water and sediment
  • Will not go septic between storms
  • Captures thousands of pounds of debris, sediment and nutrients
  • Pretreatment for rainwater harvesting and detention areas
  • Meets requirements for full trash capture TMDL programs

NSBB removal efficiencies up to:*

  • 20% Nitrogen
  • 19% Phosphorous
  • 90% TSS

*Varies based on sizing & site conditions

LEED Credit Eligible:

6.2             Storm Water Design / Quality Control


  • Low pick weights: comprised of multiple sections
  • Fast set: pre-installed internal components (optional)
  • Minimal excavation required


  • Runoff filters through the screen, leaving behind pollutants while hydrocarbons collecting in front of the skimmer and are absorbed by the StormBoom™.
  • Patented turbulence deflectors prevent sediment from becoming resuspended and settle in lower chambers.
  • Nutrient pollutant load is not lost to static water and will not be flushed out during the next storm event.
  • Separating organic matter from the static water prevents bacterial buildup.


  • Easy maintenance access via top hatches / manholes without need for confined space entry.
  • Hinged screens allow for full vacuum access to inner basket and lower sediment chambers.
  • After cleaning sediment chambers, close and secure bottom screen doors to prevent debris loss.


The Nutrient Separating Baffle Box is a multi-stage, self contained treatment system. Each subsequent component within the system protects prior stages from clogging issues or failures. These stages include filtration, hydrodynamic separation and hydrocarbon absorption.

  • Filtration is provided by a rectangular screen system which is suspended above the static water level. The screen has a storage capacity of several cubic yards depending on the model and a primary function to capture gross solids such as trash and debris.
  • Hydrodynamic Separation is facilitated by three settling chambers which work to target smaller sediments and particulate metals.
  • Absorption is facilitated by the StormBoom(s), that are either free floating or attached to the influent side of the skimmer. This device removes free floating and emulsified hydrocarbons from water.

Patented Hydro-Variant Technology®: The innovative SkimBoss MAX automatically adjusts to hydraulic grade changes to allow for maximum sediment settling without compromising watershed hydrology.

Patented screen system prevents debris loss and nutrient leaching. No need to service after each storm with dry state storage as compared to competing treatment systems.

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